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The Revenue Commissioners have recently introduced the requirement for certain companies to complete IXBRL financial statements:  which in effect is the tagging  of a Company’s financial statements into a pre-designed revenue template/database and subsequent submission of same.
The requirement is presently dependant on a company size but it is expected that all companies will be required to file IXBRL financial statements in the forthcoming year or so.
It is important that any item tagged as part of the IXBRL process is categorised correctly as any variances may lead to queries from the Revenue Commissioners.
As a result BDO Limerick have recently invested in a specialised team, software and process that will ensure the creation of IXBRL financial statements is accurate and also a seamless, pain-free task for the client.

Our brochure provides further details of what IXBRL is, together with our pricing structure in respect of the IXBRL service BDO Limerick have to offer.
It is important to also note that the preparation of statutory financial statements can be done in conjunction with the creation of IXBRL financial statements.
Should you have any queries in respect of IXBRL please do not hesitate to contact a member of our specialised iXBRL team ; Diarmuid Hendrick, Paul Nestor or William Duggan.
heck out the brochure below

BDO Are you ready for iXBRL?

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