BDO Flex Launched

BDO Recruitment has recently launched its new Temporary Recruitment Division called BDO Flex. BDO Flex offers our clients the flexibility needed in today’s economy, by using this service our clients immediately eliminate recruitment, administration and payroll headaches. BDO can provide highly qualified and experienced candidates with a quick and efficient turnaround.

The Temporary Recruitment industry has seen high levels of growth over the past 5 to 10 years for many different reasons, the main reason being; flexibility. Workers want it. Businesses need it. BDO Flex provides it. HR professionals and others who make organisational staffing decisions, benefit from the flexibility BDO Flex can provide. This flexibility manifests itself in many ways.

For routine needs, we can deliver workers for daily, seasonal, or cyclical assignments in a timely manner. This approach  to staffing is inherently more efficient than the traditional approach—advertising a position, wading through stacks of CVs, running background checks (if necessary), and then having to wait two weeks or more for new hires to start. Not only can staffing firms help HR professionals fill positions with qualified candidates fast, HR professionals don’t have to worry about the cumbersome process of setting up payroll and benefits for new workers.

In fact, without the services of staffing firms, it would be nearly impossible for many organizations to staff up for short-term projects or find temporary replacements for employees who are sick or on vacation. The red tape alone would make it extremely difficult, and access to a ready pool of workers would be a continual challenge.

From a candidate’s point of view, BDO Flex can offer you the opportunity to work with some of the best companies in Ireland.  For many reasons temporary contracts may appeal to you, for someone re-entering the workforce it can offer a chance to rebuild your CV over the space of a year by working in 2/3 well established companies.

To find out more visit our dedicated BDO Recruitment website: Flexible Staffing Solutions or alternatively you can contact  Ed Rossiter or Chloe Liddy-Judge on 061 414455.

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