Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services

Family disputes are an inevitable part of family life. Hence, it is particularly important that any family disputes are managed in a way that minimises their affect on the business.

Unresolved and allowed to fester, disagreements between family members can have a serious impact on the day-to-day running of the business.

In some cases, an issue which may have begun as something manageable develops into outright dispute forcing one or both parties to seek resolution through the legal process.

The limitations of the legal process are as follows:

  •     Expensive
  •     Time consuming
  •     Catastrophic repercussions on family relations
  •     Dis-empowers the disputants as control of the resolution process is out of the hands of the family

Mediation is fast becoming the preferred route for resolving disputes. In recent years a process of mediation has evolved that facilitates a successful outcome to the dispute while avoiding all the drawbacks of the legal process.

Mediation involves the intervention of an acceptable third party with good negotiation skills and the ability to act impartially. The mediator will skilfully steer the parties in a direction that will enable conflict resolution by producing a mutually beneficial outcome for all concerned.

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