Coporate Structures

Our Corporate Tax team will provide you with the necessary tax advice on all aspects of your company’s business.

At every stage of a company’s development ranging from start up to expansion into overseas markets, all structuring can be achieved tax efficiently. Tax advice should also be a priority when the owners of the business are planning to exit by way of a sale to a third party or by passing on to children.

The main areas that we advise businesses on are as follows:

Corporate Structures

This relates to how different parts of a business should be owned in particular where overseas operations are involved.

Mergers , Acquisitions and Sales

Where the business goes into partnership, takes over another business or is being sold, we will ensure that the shareholders receive the necessary tax advice in particular in relation to maximising the potential returns available and limiting, as far as possible, the tax exposures arising from entering into such transactions.

Share Incentive Schemes

Where a company wishes to reward or incentivise employees who will be key to the development of the business, we will work with you to provide the most suitable share scheme that will achieve the benefits identified by you, but in the most tax efficient manner.

Reorganisation and Reconstructions

We will provide planning advice where the ownership of a business or part of a business is changing. For example, a company may acquire another company or part of another company in exchange for shares issued to the shareholders. In addition, where a division of a company may be sold to a third party we can advise on how this can be achieved tax efficiently.

Inward and Outward investment

We can advise companies that are investing outside of Ireland or investing in Ireland. For example, where a trading company is involved, we will assist in order that the local taxes payable are minimised and the availability of the 12.5% rate of corporation tax in Ireland is maximised.

Compliance Obligations

We will ensure that the company meets its obligations under the Irish Self Assessment regime and advise on the tax deductibility of proposed expenditure.

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